Toward a Moral Horizon: Nursing Ethics for Leadership and Practice

4th edition

by Patricia Rodney (Ed.)Rosalie Starzomski (Ed.)Janet Storch (Ed.)

The nursing profession is in urgent need of nurse leaders who have the opportunity to develop confidence in the language of ethics and who can push forward inquiry in nursing ethics. We need formal and informal leadership in ethics throughout every facet of our profession. Thus, this book is designed for advanced practice nurses (APN’s), students in APN programs, and senior nurse leaders in all health care settings. It contains 22 chapters where the authors provide content that APN’s need for ethical nursing practice and senior nurse leaders need to maintain a breadth of understanding of nursing ethics. In addition to the chapters written by the editors, all of whom are experts in health care and nursing ethics, chapters are provided by others who have expertise in a number of areas relevant to the knowledge needed by nurses for practice, education, and research.
Each chapter in this third edition has been extensively revised, or is a new chapter. The chapters contain information about the expanding knowledge for ethical practice and provide further breadth in the ethics of social justice, public health, global health, home health nursing, caring for children and youth, caring for older adults, technology and health care, and care at the end of life, among other important areas relevant to nursing ethics. Chapters include Ethics in Practice situations for class discussion and practice ‘thought pieces’. For continuity and sequencing, the editors are developing a number of themes and threads that authors will address in each chapter.

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